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The Killers Share Teaser Clip For Upcoming Album ‘Pressure Machine’



The Killers

The Killers have shared a new teaser clip for their forthcoming album Pressure Machine ahead of its release on August 13.

The band posted the new teaser on their Instagram yesterday.

In the clip, a car drives through the desolate streets of the city of Eureka in Juab County, Utah.

As the car drives along the city’s streets it passes a variety of buildings that are abandoned and in complete disrepair. There is also shots of the car passing old abandoned oil rigs and grave sites.



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The teaser also features numerous soundbites of people discussing drug addiction as well as the belief in a higher power.

“Everyone is just trying to escape something,” one voice in the clip says.


Towards the end of the clip a short sample of an 80s-inspired track plays before cutting to a shot of the albums release date.

Frontman Brandon Flowers revealed earlier this month that the new album came to fruition after the band found themselves with lots of downtime during lockdown.

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