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Tom Brady Says 2022 NFL Season Will Be His “Greatest Challenge Yet”




After a retirement that lasted just six weeks, Tom Brady is looking forward to the upcoming season. 

But the 44-year-old quarterback isn’t naive to the physical and mental demands that the NFL season will require of him.

“I think for most athletes, what happens is their body says no, but their brain says yes,” Brady told People. “And then ultimately their brain says no becuase their body says no.”

Brady continues: “I want to go out there and have my best year yet. It requires a lot of time and focus and energy, just like everything, every detail matters.


“Everything’s important – there are zero compromises to getting the result that we want, and it’s got to be 100 percent effort by everybody to accomplish our goal.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers captain admits that he is motivated by the pursuit of winning a Super Bowl. But Brady knows that the season won’t come without it’s challenges.

“They [his teammates] know that once I said yes, there’s not turning back, and I’ve got to commit every bit of mental toughness I have to be in this with them until the end of the season, and I’m excited for it,” he added. “It’ll be my greatest challenge yet.”

The 2022 NFL season is scheduled to begin on September 8.


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