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Tom Hiddleston Teaches Owen Wilson About All Things ‘Loki’




Owen Wilson went to “Loki School” to prepare for role in new Disney + show Loki.

Whilst talking with Extra in the build up to the release of the first episode of the new series, both Wilson and Tom Hiddleston talked about their on and off screen relationship.

Owen talked about how he wasn’t really a fan of Marvel before the show. The actor credits his co-star Hiddleston giving him lessons on all things Loki. “One of the important things was Tom Hiddleston taking the time” adding that the pair called the lectures. “Loki school”.


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Wilson also joked that if he “had more teachers like that in school,” he might’ve “done better because he was very engaging and very patient”. Tom added that off screen the pair have a good relationship saying that, “We had a blast…Owen is great”.

The show aired it’s first episode on June 9th.


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