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Joel Kinnaman Thinks ‘The Suicide Squad’ Is James Gunn’s Best Work




Joel Kinnaman believes that the upcoming Suicide Squad film is director James Gunn’s best work, calling it “irreverent”.

The acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy director is largely hoped to be a saving grace for the DC franchise, after a disappointing reception to the first film.

Kinnaman shared his opinion in an article for Variety. Asked whether he had seen the new film yet, the actor didn’t hold back his enthusiasm.

“We saw it a couple days ago. It’s insane. It’s by far James Gunn’s best movie,” he said.


“It just takes it to another level. It’s an insane film.”

“At the same time, it was very much the movie that I thought it was going to be because the vision was so clear from the beginning.”

“It’s so entertaining. I’m of course hopelessly biased, but I found it to be one of the most entertaining films I’ve ever seen.” He added.

“I felt like it really transcended the genre, and it became something bigger.”


Joel Kinnamon plays solider Rick Flag in the franchise and previously appeared in the first installment, alongside the likes of Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

Comparing the new film to the last one, he said: “It’s just a different universe. It’s a James Gunn universe. It’s a very hilarious and depraved place.”

The Suicide Squad releases on July 30.

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