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Viral TikTok Recalls The Time Cast And Crew Of ‘Titanic’ Were Spiked




TikToker Michael McBride has gone viral after informing his followers that the cast and crew of Titanic were spiked with PCP.

McBride, who goes by @idea.soup on the social media app, shared the story to his 812,000 followers of the events of when James Cameron‘s cast and crew were spiked.

It happened August 8, 1996 during the last day of filming in Nova Scotia.

The creator begins: “Why don’t more people know that the entire crew of Titanic was dosed with PCP and James Cameron was stabbed in the face?”

@idea.soup“I’m the king of the world!” ##interestingfacts ##funfacts ##moviefacts ##titanic ##movietrivia♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

“This story is so crazy but you can go look this up.”

AT midnight, caterers brought out a spread for the cast and crew – including a chowder. It was reportedly the chowder that was spiked with the powerful hallucinogenic PCP.

Within moments, 60 of the crew were all tripping on the drug.

The drug, otherwise known as angel dust, causes distorted visions, sounds, and behaviour.


Director James Cameron thought it was just food poisoning and decided to take the cast and crew to hospital.

“People are absolutely losing it!” says McBride.

“They’re riding wheelchairs down the hallways, doing a conga line. A crew member stabs James Cameron in the face with a pen and James Cameron just sits there laughing and bleeding!”

The content maker is not the first to share this story but he certainly reminds the world of the bizarre tale.


There are first-first accounts of the event including from Cameron. He told Entertainment Weekly back in 1996 that “you can’t make this stuff up.”

Stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were not spiked.

Although the film was famously difficult to produce, Titanic broke box office records.

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