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Will Smith: Colonoscopy Found Precancerous Polyps



📷 YouTube/Will Smith/unCrazed Composite

Will Smith has been told that during a colonoscopy procedure that precancerous polyps were discovered.

The 51-year-old was told by his personal doctor that since entering his fifties, that it would be a wise idea to have a colonoscopy.

In a typical-Smith fashion, he wanted to capture as much as possible on camera to share as part of his vlogging.

Before the procedure happened, Will showed off his operation attire, saying, “These are my little no-slip socks, that’s my gown, it opens in the back. My a** is gonna be out so they can get to it easy.”

His doctor, Dr. Ala Stanford, stepped in to provide updates through the videoed procedure, and towards the end of the vlog, she delivers news to Will that surprised him and encouraged others to get checked out.

The results of the colonoscopy were delivered to Will over FaceTime with his doctor, and she explained that a polyp was removed which revealed precancerous tissue that has given medical professions a headstart on removing it and ensuring good health is maintained.

Dr. Ala Stanford told the Bad Boys for Life star that instead of having a colonoscopy procedure every ten-years like any other healthy person, he will need one every two to three years.

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