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WWE’s Lana Leaked Snapchat Sex Tape Isn’t Her



? Le presque Yes Mouvement/CC/unCrazed Composite

Sorry folks, the alleged leaked sex tape that allegedly features WWE’s Lana, allegedly isn’t her, and allegedly the account that published the video allegedly doesn’t belong to her. 

On Thursday, Lana’s Snapchat account was hacked and a private sex tape was published via the account which claimed to be of her — but this is untrue.

Sources connected to the situation spoke to, saying, “The voice in the clip is clearly not her.”

They are adamant she is not in the video and any claims about her husband being in the video too, are also untrue.


WWE is investigating the matter and will address it if they see fit — but the simple message here is: Lana isn’t in the video, nor is her husband.