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YouTuber, Yousef Erakat Aka ‘FouseyTube’, Reveals Why He Disappeared For Over A Year



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YouTube star Yousef Erakat, known for his hugely popular YouTube channel FouseyTube, has revealed why he left social media and discontinued making content.

Over one year ago, Yousef shared a video on his main channel which has over 10 million subscribers, titled My Last Day With My Puppy (Rest in Paradise) — from that point, he never uploaded content again.

Yousef has been the centre for criticism that spiralled from a concert that he arranged during his “manic episode”. Many former-friends uploaded videos on their social media and YouTube channels blasting him for being “a fake” and “a liar” with one person saying “he conned millions into believing he was the kindest person in the world”.

He would regularly upload videos showing his support to people less fortunate than him but other popular content creators within his social circle called him out and said most of the videos he published were staged and completely fabricated.


In an interview on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive, Yousef revealed that he thought he “was going to leave the country for three years,” by going to Bali whilst his career was both at its peak and fall.

He explained that two months before his event, that slated Drake as a headliner, “two months prior to that event I got of my medications and jumped on Adderall,” — continuing, “it was like my saving grace”. The event was cancelled following a bomb threat and fans were asked to leave — Yousef later gave a heated speech on top of a car where he explained he felt “I was letting God down,”.

Logan asked why he chose Adderall as a substitute to his medication, and Yousef said, “I’m a shy guy in real life right but this gave me something, and I’m not condoning it or anything obviously it’s what led up to this… but it gave me something I never had. I was talkative, I was thinking big, I had ideas…”.

Yousef continued, “by the time that event came, it was like an explosion… it was a train wreck waiting to happen,” — one of Logan’s co-hosts, Mike Majlak, asked Yousef what medication he took before Adderall, to which Yousef replies, “I was taking Lexapro [brand name for Escitalopram]… and I was taking mood stabiliser,”.


He admits that when he returned home from Bali that he said to his family, “take me to the hospital,” — later revealing that he contemplated suicide.

Yousef said he purposely didn’t respond to criticism. Logan felt it was disgusting that content creators were sharing videos about Yousef who at the time was “unstable” — Logan furthered his comment by saying he wants to “encourage people in the YouTube community to think about what you say before you do it, or post it,” which has caused backlash from viewers of the podcast due to Logan’s recent comment about going “gay” for a month.

You can watch the full interview here:

Since this interview was published, Yousef has posted several messages on Twitter and Instagram, one saying, “The only roadblocks in your life are the ones created by your mind. You have the power to get through them all,” then a recent picture was shared with the caption, “looking like I’m ready for the first day of school. Actually ready for a new chapter in my life. Feeling hopeful for a better today and that is a BIG step. It’s insane how much can change with time if you put in the work!

The mind is a powerful tool and I’ve learned that the only obstacles we have in life are mental roadblocks we create for ourselves! We have the power to get through anything life throws at us. Faith. Belief. Patience. Perseverance. You got this. Never give up on yourself.”

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