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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Sonny Taylor



? Humber Photography/unCrazed Composite

Sonny Taylor is a boxer and is nearing his second fight as a professional cruiserweight.

Born in Hull, UK, Sonny has trained since being a young teenager and now aged 24, he embarks on a journey that many don’t fully understand, including myself, until I spoke to him.

With his upcoming second-professional fight taking place on Friday, June 22, 2019, in Doncaster, I wanted to ask him the questions that will support in building his online profile, all whilst attempting to find out a future champions early-stage development.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, where he posts his daily fitness regime and talks about upcoming fights.


unCrazed would like to thank all involved that helped us with this interview, including Humber Photography that firstly, introduced us to Sonny, and secondly, provided us with plenty of outstanding photographs that you can find here.

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