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Angelina Jolie Forced Into Rehab Amid Divorce?



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Angelina Jolie has entered into rehab for an alleged eating issue, according to a false tabloid headline. 

NW published a headline and story that unCrazed can validate is completely false and has zero truth associated.

The magazine’s headline reads, “Dragged to rehab … Ange forced to eat! Fed through a tube and going blind!” — absurd and disgusting to even consider publishing this article.

Allegedly, Angelina is “traumatised” by the fact her 18-year-old son, Maddox, has left for college in South Korea; with an anonymous source claiming, “There’s nothing she can do about this and it’s left her crippled with anxiety,”


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She is alleged to be “refusing to eat and at her lowest weight yet.” and Jolie is supposedly “on watch by a 24/7 medical team to ensure she’s getting enough nutrients into her body.” furthering that “her medical team has put her in an outpatient program at a clinic in Los Angeles … She will be monitored there by dietitians and a psychologist, who are helping her with both her mental and physical well-being.”

Her battle with Brad Pitt was mentioned, with NW saying “the stress is literally eating away at her body … if she loses any more weight… she may as well accept being force-fed through a tube or pick out a coffin now.”

We have spoken with a source that confirms the story is bogus, with Angelina also being unaware of its existence at the time of publishing this article.

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