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Ariel Winter Accused Of Plastic Surgery



? Instagram/Ariel Winter/unCrazed Composite

Ariel Winter has once again shut down a body shamer that decided to target her on social media. 

The commenter took to Instagram to made accusations that Ariel had undergone plastic surgery, saying, “How many surgeries have you had on your body and face now?”

Furthering, “Two breast reductions, that’s obvious, cheekbone and chin shaving and lip fillers. Pretty obvious, she looks so different.” — Ariel responded by saying, “I wasn’t going to reply but I have to ask… what the f*** is cheekbone and chin shaving? … You’re also wrong about all of it by the way. One breast reduction and I lose weight but you do you boo.”

Many have defended Ariel, with one commenter replying, “People are cruel but it doesn’t matter because you look amazing!” with another saying, “You inspired me to proceed with my breast reduction and it was the best choice I ever made for myself.”


In recent months, she has been open about her weight loss, explaining that fluctuating weight was due to a new antidepressant. In 2015, she was again open about her breast reduction and said it made her “feel like a new person.”