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‘High School Musical’ Star Ashley Tisdale Admits She Would “Sh*g” ‘Riverdale’ Star Cole Sprouse & Spills On Disney Drama



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High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale has dropped multiple bombshells about Disney on Watch What Happens Live

The 34-year-old was quizzed on various topics, including a co-star she allegedly didn’t get along with — Andy Cohen wanted the details on whether this was at all true.

Rumours that Lucas Grabeel and Tisdale weren’t best of pals on set as they filmed the High School Musical franchise have circulated for years, but finally, Sharpay Evans herself has given us an insight into the truth.

Turns out, they never got along at first. She said, “Lucas and I didn’t get along at first, because when we were screen testing, I was giving him line readings … And that’s not an actor thing to do.


I think it was more like, I don’t really do method acting, but I took a class in it when I was younger and I do think I do become a lot like the character, and I think he thought I was really like Sharpay.


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It wasn’t until we wrapped that he was like, ‘Oh, you’re not that person.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ But I was probably at first giving him line readings at the screen test, I was like, ‘I want the last line, okay? So this is what I’m going to say.”

The actress joked, “I was 18, but I wanted the job! So, I mean, I got it!” — she also starred on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, alongside the stars themselves, Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, a caller wanted Tisdale to play a game of Shag, Marry and Kill — with the three options of Cole, Dylan and Zac Efron.


She responded, “Are you kidding me? You picked the twins and Zac? This is so brutal, man.” before deciding, “I would shag Cole Sprouse,” with Cohen spurring her one saying, “Who would you kill? to which she laughed, “Zac Efron.”

Leaving just Dylan remaining, to which Andy asked, “And you would marry Dylan Sprouse?” with Ashley replying, “Yes! He’s such a good guy.”

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