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Bam Margera Re-Enters Rehab Facility After His Arrest



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Bam Margera has re-entered rehab after he was arrested in a hotel lobby in Hollywood yesterday. 

According to, shortly after Bam was released from jail, he was readmitted to a rehab facility, with the facility demanding him to commit to treatment alongside multiple rules that he is required to abide by if he is to receive the treatment.

Last week, Dr. Phil and his team reached out to Bam after he begged for help on social media, claiming he had disowned his mother and fell out with his wife, Nikki. On Wednesday, he left the facility that Dr. Phil arranged for him to commit to, and was arrested in Los Angeles for trespassing.

We reported yesterday that the former Jackass star was confronted by a staffer at an L.A. hotel to which they citizen’s arrested him before law enforcement arrived to take him into lawful custody.


The first officer on the scene was met with a hurl of abuse and bizarre excuses as to why he was acting the way he did. In the video filmed of Bam, he’s sat on the lobby floor with his legs crossed, and the officer says, “This is not a f****** reality TV show. I know you’re fresh out of rehab, so let’s get you s*** together.”

Part of the agreement between Bam and Dr. Phil was that he entered into a 60-90 day rehabilitation program, but barely saw out the week before leaving on his own accord.

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