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Bam Margera Has Left Rehab And Explains Why He Doesn’t Belong In Alcohol Recovery




Jackass star, Bam Margera, has opened up on social media in a string of posts about his third stint in rehab for alcohol abuse.

Bam has written an 8-page explanation and his thoughts on rehab.

Bam says, “Dead a******* who want to talk s*** about my sobriety, (the truth and nothing but)… I checked into a rehab in the Bay area for alcohol, I went 6 months without it Jan 10th 2018 and made it all the way to July until I was alone in Columbia robbed at gunpoint, I was shook up, far from home, scared with anxiety. I saw a mini bar at my hotel. I relapsed with a couple beers, then that turned into every other 2 days or 3 I’d have 2 vodka and clubs. I tried to coll it as much as possible and limit the times I did drink to only 2. The method seemed to work. No more blacking out p****** on the counters of the bar and no more fighting anyone that looked at me wrong or made a comment I didn’t like.

Either way, I realised all my friends that were raging drug addict hell on wheels piles of pure s*** that I thought could never get help. All of them are now sober including Steve-O and Novak especially. I thought they were lifers who will never stop and they did, so even though I made a conscious effort to limit my drinking I still wanted to get help,”.


He continued, “So when I checked into rehab they did all the tests and bloodwork to see the status of my addiction. The 20 people in there all told me about the weeks and months they went through horrible detox and all of them are on numerous amounts of medication. Well, I had ZERO days of detox and they gave me ZERO medication. That way my first thought of why am I here? Now keep in mind, Novak was [a] raging liar, cheater, heroin addict, Xanax addict, Vicodin, Percocet 30’s deluded suboxone, methadone and red wine blackouts. He had a MAJOR problem and needed to get fixed. My problem is when I get bored I drink alcohol and then I’m suddenly not bored.

I have never had a pill problem of any kind. I am on and off prescribed to Adderall and besides that, I would occasionally do cocaine with a stranger that offered me a bump in the bathroom of a bar which I am rarely at these days,” — Bam goes on to explain that “by day number 5 in rehab I realised when I am bored is when I drink, well in rehab I am bored 50 per cent of the time so that’s when I figured out that when boredom sets in and alcohol is off limits, that’s when I get creative as f***. An explosion of good ideas, exercise, skate, workout, yoga, hike, bike way more because I don’t like to sit stagnant! (UNLESS I AM DRUNK).

So now I am excited with ideas and energy and creation which makes me have no temptation to drink because I am so busy NOT BEING BORED. So I already figured out that I don’t belong here in rehab with no detox and no meds like all the other people that were on anything and everything like Novak. So when I found out they would not let me handle business calls such as 10 people living at my house getting paid to build ramps that I have to look at to say build or don’t build and I’m not allowed, well that means I am paying 10 people to sit around for days at a time, they would not let me handle my Cameo app which had 20 grand pending, they wouldn’t let me answer important a** phone calls to important a** people, and would not let me use the gym. So my zero detoxed a** said to the folks at rehab to discharge me now because I do not need to be here I am missing important calls and you are basically f****** my a***** with loss of financial opportunities and ramps on standby while I’m still paying. So I said my Bentley will be here in one hour and I am leaving, don’t bother trying to talk me out of it because my mind is made up and I CANNOT BE STOPPED.

So off I go I left rehab to begin doing all the things I have put aside done and all the new things coming with filming comedy stunts to skate tricks with Danny Way. To the people who say ‘YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE, TRUST ME’ well guess what a*******… I am NOT alone! I might not be in rehab with you, but I am surrounded by so many sober family and friends, spiritual healers, therapists, sober coaches and my sponsor JJ Diana that I AM NOT alone. I am doing better than ever with being productive in every way shape or form that your nice expensive Hasselblad camera lens will be jealous of my focus, I do not have a desire to drink, because I have so much to do that being bored is out of the question. I don’t want to drink anymore because it ruins my focus of what I know I have to do, and I am having a blast doing it. So drinking is done for me, I had good and bads times with it but I have officially wrote a letter to alcohol saying thanks for the fun visit but you have outworn your welcome and it’s time to go. And I have no pill problems at all cause I don’t take anything. They make me feel nauseous, dizzy and I don’t feel good. I don’t take pills.


So suck on my s*** and eat my f*** if you think I left rehab to go party, I’m not interested. So you can cheer me on or wish me luck, but I won’t need it. I am having great fun remembering how to come up with a productive endeavour without alcohol stepping in my way to ruin it again. I am on a mission thanks to the rehab, bye to the rehab. Now off I go to finish what I started.”

He signs off the letter then continues by saying, “P.S. in this rehab one of the first things you have to do is stand up in front of everyone and introduce yourself and present ‘your story’. Well, here’s all the stories in a nutshell- Hi my name is Richard Cockwood from Nebraska blah blah blah, and the first thing I remember was sneaking marijuana and smoking cigarettes at 13 years old, started getting drunk on the weeks of 16 as I was hooked and introduced to cocaine and pain pills which led to my heroin addiction at 17, from then on I’ve been hooked on speed and heroin in and out of jails, hospitals and rehabs. The I present my story, ‘Hi I’m Bam Margera and I am from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I got my first skateboard in 2nd grade and fell in love with it instantly knowing that when I grow up I will be just like Tony Hawk, I will drive red Ferrari and will be on TV for doing funny things. I had my first beer at 21 when Michelle Morrison cheated on me at senior week. I was in love with her and heartbroken so I had some beets because it stopped me from crying all day, but didn’t like the taste. At age 16 I was already pro with Toy Machine Skateboards. At 17 I made a video called CKY which sold a million copies through word of mouth and bought my parents a new house and bought myself a red Ferrari Modena and two Audi S4’s. By 20 I was on element and Jackass and had a lot of a million dollars and by 28 I pretty much completed every goal I set out to do, so I started smoking cigarettes and started drinking more because I ran out of wishes and goals.

At 33 Ville Valo was my idol and introduced me to day drinking. From there I drank more and more eventually trying cocaine. Never took pills and never tried heroin and never will, because I saw how it turned my talented best friend Brandon Novak into a once great skater who never made it pro for Powell Peralta, quit skating to become a thief, a liar, a cheater, a raging drug addict and alcoholic who could have made money from skateboarding but never did make much money at all doing anything except a $300,00 bill charges for overdosing in Baltimore hospital. So I never went down that path. Alcohol was my path and it got me off the right path I was on at a young age eventually making me lost in the sauce.


Never liked pills but here and there I liked cocaine, Adderall and a handful of times I tried meth which was fun but dangerous and too hard to find. When Phonix Wolf was born it made my wife Nikki stop drinking and against pill or drug from them on. Now I realised that the part is over and I want to say goodbye to alcohol for good so I can finish the mission I remember clearly what I am supposed to do here.”

Best of wishes on your ventures, Bam.