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Bam Margera Returns To Rehab Without Mobile Access



📷 Instagram/Bam Margera/unCrazed Composite

Jackass star Bam Margera has checked into rehab again following his arrest.

The 39-year-old had a message posted on social media via an acquaintance that stated he wouldn’t be available until September 6, 2019.

His mobile usage has been stripped as part of his treatment programme, with the post on Instagram saying, “Bam will be unavailable until 9/6/19 from his phone. So anyone texting, calling or trying to reach him, he is in rehab getting treatment.”

Our sources tell us that Bam has been given a number of chances to seek professional mental health support for his bipolar and a potential undiagnosed condition. He bailed on a recent stint of rehab and was consequently arrested in a hotel lobby for allegedly trespassing.

We are told that Bam has connected with former Jackass stars — and if he maintains a healthy, hectic-free lifestyle after rehab, the original crew will consider a Jackass style film. Our sources are saying this has been a motivational factor for Bam, amongst the fact he genuinely realises that professional help is required to enable him to have an authentic relationship with his family.

In terms of the potential Jackass film, we are told this hasn’t been spoken about as a ploy to get him to sober up and lead a better lifestyle, but conversations surrounding his ability to participate fall into the hands of him receiving the correct treatment before he is to commit to returning as a stuntman for the franchise.

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