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Pete Davidson Slams Mobile Users During His Stand Up



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Pete Davidson called out mobile user during his standup show in Florida. 

The Saturday Night Live star was headlining for a comedy show at the University of Central Florida when the comedian blasted the audience for mobile usage.

He called those using their phones during his standup slot “privileged little a*******.” further claiming, “That’s why we’re embarrassing. That’s why the world is gonna end in 25 years because you’re all f****** retarded.”

Pete told everyone to grow up after calling them idiots and morons; even taking several minutes to rant at his audience. After the show, he wanted to hold a short questions and answers session — but wouldn’t stick around because he was only waiting for his Uber ride.

According to attendees, there were no signs stating mobile phone usage was permitted and nobody told them otherwise before Pete’s performance.

UCF students were given free entry but other attendees that weren’t holders of a valid ID had to cough up $20, something which Pete says he would give them back … it’s unclear if he’s going to follow up on that sentiment.

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