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Banksy Has Identity Compromised During Interview



? ITV News/unCrazed Composite

One of the worlds greatest street-artists, Banksy, has potentially had his personal identity compromised. 

The mysterious, politically driven artist gathered fame in 2003 after painting animals and covering a full range of political issues, further growing his anonymous-fame in Los Angeles and now world-wide.

During an interview with ITV News’ Haig Gordon, a man wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt to cover his face was almost identified on camera, along with his real identity such as his full name.

Banksy, or the suspected Banksy, was talking about hiding identity as a whole if someone wants to be a successful street artist, saying, “I’m disguised because you can’t really be a graffiti writer and then go public … The two things don’t quite go together.”


Haig joked about revealing his identity, saying he knew the suspected Banksy’s real name and even saw a glimpse of his face, and stated he could give those details to law enforcement. Talking now about the interview with Bristol-based ITV reporter Robert Murphy, he said the actual description of Banksy’s facial appearance is very much a haze and even if he wanted to describe him, he couldn’t since he doesn’t actually remember.

Many believe his identity should remain anonymous because if he, or her, or even their identity were to be made public, it would take away the mystery of the talented artist and make the entire attraction become nonexistent.

You can watch the report here.

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