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Benedict Cumberbatch Stunned Comic Book Store As Doctor Strange




Benedict Cumberbatch shocked the staffers at a comic book store as he filmed Doctor Strange in 2016.

In never-before-seen footage posted by Scott Derrickson, who directed the hit Marvel flick, Cumberbatch casually strolls into the store mid-filming of Doctor Strange.

He is well and truly in full costume and instantly gets recognised by the keeper of the store who shakes the British actor’s hand (don’t you miss those times) and requests a photo is taken of them both as Benedict is pressed by the camera operator to hurry up as filming must commence.

In a funny comment, the 44-year-old actor asked if the at the time upcoming film was to flop at the Box Office, would he be eligible for a job at the comic book store. In the United States alone, the film grossed over $670 million.

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