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Blac Chyna Hits Out At Rob Kardashian Over Receiving No Child Support




UPDATE 09:28 PM GMT: Angela continued, “TYGA, ROB, CHILD SUPPORT… NO!”

Blac Chyna, real name Angela Renée White, has hit out at Rob Kardashian saying he doesn’t pay child support.

During her Instagram Live, Angela started ranting about commenters hating on her and the way she operates her lifestyle.

In response, Angela walks outside and showed off her mansion that she “bought” herself — saying “f*** all y’all”. A few comments were passed during the live stream that seemingly triggered her into a rant about Rob’s lack of support.


She said Rob “don’t give me s***… f*** Rob… Rob didn’t help me… all this s*** I built… by myself”. Angela continued by saying that she “don’t give a f*** about the assumptions” — with her friend Lynette joining the live stream saying that Angela has joint custody of her children [Dream Kardashian and King Stevenson] with both fathers [Rob and Tyga].

Angela finalised by saying, “I’m doing swell, the kids are doing swell…”

Rob and Blac split in 2017.