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Michael Lohan Taking Legal Action Against Ex-Wife Dina Lohan



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Dina Lohan, the mother to Lindsay Lohan, is currently on Celebrity Big Brother as one of the housemates, and she has upset Michael Lohan, the father to Lindsay.

Michael spoke with The Blast about her stint in the Big Brother house, “From the time Dina told me she was going on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ I was rooting for her, but when she brought me into the show to make herself look like a victim, I draw the line.”

Dina has made comments about their former marriage and alleged Michael caused her financial turmoil.

He continues, “With regard to money, I bought her house… when we divorced I gave her the house for the kids… I gave it all to her for the kids but it came back to bite her in the a** because she kept the kids from me.”


Michael said “whenever there’s a problem, she calls me” — saying whilst Dina remains the Big Brother he is taking care of construction at her home.

Apparently, Michael has a “$100,000 judgement on her” but hasn’t “pursued” it as he claims “she’s so broke.”

If he continues with the judgement, he says any money that is won will be donated “to a charity for addiction.”

He just wants her to stop badmouthing him on the show and says “after this, the network and production company will be getting a call from my lawyers…” if she “keeps up the antic” — according to The Blast, Dina was being offered $100,000 by producers to appear on Big Brother.