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Britney Spears Medical Information Made Publicly Available



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Britney Spears and her team want her medical information kept private and unavailable to the public. 

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, Britney’s lawyers and her father have requested that a judge involved in her conservatorship case to seal a transcript from the most recent hearing held in a Los Angeles County courtroom.

Much of the recent hearing was discussing specifics about her current medical condition, which also revealed specific treatment and medical information.

As a courtroom does, transcripts of every Britney concerned discussion were written, and the conversations included specifics about her business and even her children.


Unfortunately, the transcript wasn’t officially sealed and the information within the transcripts are, in retrospect, publicly available, with the legal documents filed claiming, “the transcript contains private information that relates to and reveals details relating to Ms. Spears’ private health information, attorney-client privileged information, personal and private information relating to Ms. Spears and her minor children, as well as Ms. Spears’ trade secrets and proprietary information.

The public has no right to access Ms. Spears’ private medical information which is per se confidential and protected pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), personal and private information relating to Ms. Spears and her minor children which also is per se confidential, or Ms/ Spears’ proprietary information and trade secrets.

The public’s interest in access is satisfied here because the public has had and will continue to have access to the numerous other pleadings filed with this Court in this matter.”

A major issue in the current publically available information is supporters of Britney want to understand her current medical conditions as part of the #freebritney movement, with people believing that her assets and physical freedom are compromised by her team.


Her team are making it clear that it would be very harmful for the Toxic singer to have her personal information released, explaining, “Unless the transcript is sealed, details relating to Ms. Spears’ private health and medical information revealed in the Transcript will unquestionably be widely disseminated, harming Ms. Spears.”

Lawyers for Britney accept that a mistake has been made by not sealing the transcript, but want a judge to do the right thing and seal it.

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