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Chris Brown Accused Of Refusing To Cooperate In Rape Case



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Chris Brown is being accused by the woman suing him for alleged rape at his house of refusing to turn over personal information. 

According to legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, a woman suing Chris, under the name of Jane Doe, filed a motion to compel the Wobble Up singer to answer questions about what telephone numbers he has personally used since the alleged incident — from February 2017, until today.

He believes that the information requested was private and irrelevant to this case, and refused to tell her. She says she is not “aware of any authorities that state Defendant Brown’s celebrity status entitles him to special treatment.”

Jane claims that Chris told her that he has witnesses that back up his claim that he was nothing to do with anything that may have taken place at his house, with Jane saying he only gave first names and will not provide contact information for the individuals named.


She sued and is seeking unspecified damages, with Chris denying all allegations of wrongdoing; in her lawsuit, she claims he gave her drugs including Molly, marijuana and cocaine before his friend allegedly committed sexual assault.

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