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Chris Rock Shares ‘Saw’ Reboot Details



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Chris Rock has completed a Q&A with his Instagram followers this weekend. 

During his questions and answers live stream, he revealed some interesting details about the upcoming Saw project, alongside other things including, he’s never hit on Halle Berry and that he would like to be President right now.

He explained that his version of Saw will have “elements of humour” but wanted to be clear that it won’t be a “Scary Movie” type of comedy — furthering, “It’s gonna be ‘Saw‘, don’t worry,”

He gave some advice, saying that someone once told him, “In order to be successful you have to have the ability to listen to people you know you’re smarter than.”


We reported last week that Chris would be developing his take on the franchise, and stepping away from the original films.

Saw is set to be released October 23, 2020.