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Demi Lovato Cradles Pregnant Stomach On Instagram



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Demi Lovato uploaded a photo of herself cradling her stomach. 

The 27-year-old teased her followers on social media by wearing a polka dot dress as she held the bottom of her pregnant stomach.

Lovato has joined the cast of Will & Grace for their final season and will play the character of Jenny, a guarded woman who comes unexpectedly into Will’s life.

We’re finding out further details about Lovato’s Jenny character as she teases us with snippets into the life-on-set. This particular tease, however, left her fans believing it was a pregnancy announcement — she has only recently revealed her new boyfriend.



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Real or fake? ??? #WillandGrace #MeetJenny

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Last week, Lovato revealed that she is dating model Austin Wilson, and with the baby-bump appearing on followers of the actress’ Instagram feed, if you were to miss the caption of the post, you would have immediately believed she was actually pregnant.

She wrote in the caption, “Real or fake? ??? #WillandGrace #MeetJenny” — one commenter wrote, “b**** you almost gave me a heart attack” with another saying, “Next time put the caption IN the photo!!”

Congratulations, Jenny.

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