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Dina Lohan’s ‘Catfish’ Boyfriend Revealed On Twitter



? Nick Step/unCrazed Composite

During her current stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Dina Lohan revealed she is dating someone that she’s never met.

Her secret boyfriend has been revealed, and even Catfish host Nev Schulman joined the action — rightly so, that is his job after all.

Jesse Nadler, born in Long Island, New York, is 53-years-old and Michael Lohan, ex-husband of Dina, has spoken to him over the phone… perhaps last weeks lawsuit threat has been forgotten?

According to The Blast, Michael said he and Jesse “texted for about an hour” before jumping onto a call.

He said, “Actually, he’s a really nice guy with a good heart and I like him, and if he makes Dina happy, I’m happy for them,”.


Apparently, Jesse may appear on Celebrity Big Brother after speaking with producers to surprise Dina.

Reality television at its finest… Nev, you can settle now.