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Baseball Star Kevin Pillar Suffers Nasal Fractures After Hit To The Face



New York Mets Kevin Pillar hit in the face by 94.5mph pitch on Monday night’s 3-1 Met’s victory at Truist Park and had to exit the field. 

After being hit by Atlanta Braves pitcher Jacob Webb’s fastball, Pillar fell to the ground with his face in his hands. He was then tended to by the Mets‘ medical staff but was able to, luckily, walk off the field on his own.

He was then taken to the hospital where he underwent a CT scan to determine the extent of his injuries.

It has now been reported by the Mets that he has suffered multiple nasal fractures as a result of the hit.


Pillar will be meeting with a facial specialist in Atlanta but has reassured fans via Twitter that he is ‘doing fine.”

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