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Dr. Dre Hasn’t Seen His Daughter, LaTanya Young, In 17 Years According To The 37-Year-Old



Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre hasn’t seen his eldest daughter in over 17 years and she is getting candid about their estranged relationship.

The 37-year-old, LaTanya Young, has opened up during an interview with The Daily Mail, saying that she hasn’t seen her father in over 17 years.

Explaining their relationship and her personal financial struggles, Young says, “Money is not what I want, I feel better doing it on my own. I was on assistance for a while, it’s embarrassing to say. He did offer to help me with tuition but he never speaks to me.

He never set me up to be able to not need him. He never paid for college, he never did anything to help me and my sisters get along. I really just want to have closure. I just want to be able to spend time with my father.”


More recently, LaTanya has applied to become a FedEx driver to aid her lifestyle and keep herself financial stable. She talks about Dre‘s now-estrange wife, Nicole Young, saying she kept him from seeing Young, “I thought that after Nicole was out of the family, things would be better. I thought that my dad would come around.

I would like him to make me feel like a daughter. I hated going through third parties. If I needed him, I’d have to go to the studio and get bombarded and talked to by his security. I would have to go through his accountant or his right-hand man, I would never know whether he got my messages. I have never had a direct line to him. I feel like he gave up on me, and I don’t know why … I still don’t know why.”

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