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Ed Sheeran’s Broken Arm From 2017 Has Brought Up A New Lawsuit




They say time heals… well, it physically healed Ed Sheeran’s arm, but not for an Indonesian promoter.

Way back in October 2017, Ed was cycling in London when a car hit the Perfect singer — leaving him with a broken elbow and wrist, but Ed failed to seek medical assistance until the next day after he went to the pub and woke up the next morning suffering from excruciating pain.

Development on that incident has been made, almost three years later, after a new lawsuit has been made; Marygops Studios, which is a promoter in Jakarta, Indonesia, are suing AEG, which is the company that handled Ed’s tour.

The documents are saying Ed was set to perform a show on November 9, 2017, but due to his injury, he was unable to carry out the agreement made. In the contract between the two companies, Ed would only be able to cancel the concert under specific conditions — apparently, a broken arm and doctors orders to have four weeks medical leave isn’t specific enough for Marygops Studios — they want the medical records turned over to them.


Understandably though, Marygops are seeking damages from AEG.

Ed isn’t named as a defendant in the lawsuit.