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Emilia Clarke Of Game Of Thrones Pranks Times Square



? Omaze/unCrazed Composite

Emilia Clarke has pulled a fast one on unsuspecting citizens of Times Square.

Pranking New Yorkers on their daily commute, Emilia teamed up with Omaze to advertise a special gift Game of Thrones fans can obtain by supporting her charity, SameYou.

In a hilarious video uploaded to YouTube, Emilia walked around Times Square dressed as Kit Harington’s Jon Snow — and people had no idea she was underneath the disguise.

Reminding us this will be the last ever opportunity, in the process of promoting a special gift, to watch the final episode of Game of Thrones at a screening of the finale with Daenerys Targaryen herself.


In recent months, Emilia revealed during an interview that she suffered two brain aneurysms.

You can enter for a chance to meet Emilia, take photographs and watch the end of season 8 by visiting this link.

What are you waiting for, there are only ten days left as of publishing this article.