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Taylor Swift Drops Hidden Messages In ME! Single



? ©Carrienelson1/ Composite

Taylor Swift has dropped her latest single, ME!, after weeks of teasing fans on social media.

In typical Taylor fashion, all of her music has meaning and hidden messages; and ME! isn’t an exception to the rule.

Conspiracies began filling up the #TaylorSwiftMe Twitter hashtag, and the first hidden Easter Egg was the famous snake which has made an appearance before in Taylor’s Reputation era — at the time, and quite possibly still the case now, was in reference to her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

On social media, Kim famously called Taylor a snake following their feud, which was due to Taylor’s reaction to Kanye rapping about her in a song titled Famous.


It would seem though, Taylor has moved on from her feud with the celebrity couple as the snake, which is pink in colour, explodes and turns into butterflies, which suggests she has started a new chapter.

Although reappearing in the form of clouds, it has been suggested this could mean Taylor is aware they are always around her, but she rises above them.

Amongst other messages including rejecting Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendan Urie’s proposal in the video, which could suggest she is committed to her real-life boyfriend, Joe Alwyn — there’s also a suggestion that her next single could be titled, Lover.

In the video, whilst Taylor is sat on a unicorn-style building, the word Lover appears in pink.


Can you spot any hints in Taylor’s ME! music video?