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Larry King Recovering From Scheduled Heart Procedure



? ©Alex Oliveira/CC/unCrazed Composite

Larry King is recovering from a scheduled heart procedure and most definitely suffered no heart attack nor cardiac arrest.

Our sources are telling us after published their story titled Larry King Suffers Heart Attack … Goes Into Cardiac Arrest — he was “furious,” that such a rumour had started.

He was scheduled to undergo an angioplasty, which he successfully did, but had a bad source, but still claim he suffered a “mild heart attack” due to “proteins in his blood — a clear sign of a heart attack”

We’re being told it didn’t happen, and he may have suffered an angina attack at the most, but most definitely did not suffer a heart attack, nevermind cardiac arrest.


His publicist also confirms this, along with our sources that are saying “he’s in good spirits” and is expected to return to his schedule and shows very soon.