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‘Once Upon A Time’ Star Emilie de Ravin Calls For Starbucks To Charge Less For Alternative Milks



? Emilie de Ravin/Instagram/unCrazed Composite

Emilie de Ravin has called for Starbucks to lower the cost of alternative milk, including almond and soy. 

The Once Upon a Time star has called out the franchise for adding an extra charge for alternative milk, in what she says is a “joke and sad,” — the price comparison is uncanny.

A diary milk ‘Tall’ Caffè Latte in the U.S. costs around $3.78, whereas for the same drink with almond milk costs around $4.

Ravin wrote on Twitter, “Dear Starbucks you guys NEED to stop charging extra for alternative milks! (almond, soy etc) its a joke, & sad ? do you not realize it’s not people trying to be “fancy” they are allergic &/OR care about cows & our planet and lessening the massive impact dairy farms have on it!”


The 38-year-old continued, “AND. I totally get that those milks cost you guys more $ & that’s the problem BUT u guys can make a huge change to the world. The amount of milk y’all use. Charge less for it & start charging more for regular milk ?‍♀️ #milkforthought & I do LOVE my @Starbucks ?

A petition was created by PETA that demands Starbucks to “stop upcharging for vegan milks” — you can find it here.


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