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Executives of Brandy Melville Accused of Racism and Body Shaming




Multiple current and former employees have come forward with allegations that Brandy Melville is racist, sizeist and the CEO Stephan Marson even shared Hitler memes.

Insider has reported that as part of the employment, staff had to hand over a full body photo and would be rejected if they were not ‘thin, white and pretty’.

Luca Rotondo, a former senior vice president, said “If she was Black, if she was fat… he [Marson] didn’t want them in the store.”

The report is based on 32 current and ex-US staff.


Inside obtained a screenshot of a message that shows Marson refusing an applicant because of how she looks.

Marson stated the store was “only hiring pieces of shit” and risked going out of business. He added: “Kick her out.”

Eight employees who worked for the company from 2013 until now said an employee’s pay was often based solely on her photo.

Those who were more attractive were offered a higher rate.


Black employee’s were reportedly stuck in the stock room, or only on the shop floor during quiet hours. One a white replacement had been hired, they were often fired.

An anonymous New York regional manager said the discrimination was blatant.

They recalled; “There was no sugarcoating it. It was, ‘She is skinny, white, blond, and pretty – let’s hire her.’”

Shockingly, it was also reported Mason and other Brandy Melville execs would often share Holocaust memes in a groupchat.


Adolf Hitler was allegedly mentioned 24 times in 150 messages.

One image was an edit of Marson’s head on Hitler’s body – which he reportedly made himself.

Francis Sorgi, who managed a store in Canada often swapped racist jokes with Marson.

Sorgi apparently sent a message of the Happy Days cast, “There were no Black people in this show—that’s why it was called ‘Happy Days.’”


Marson has reportedly not offered comment on any of the allegations.

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