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FaZe Jarvis: ‘Fortnite’ Superstar Banned For Cheating



? YouTube/FaZe Jarvis/unCrazed Composite

FaZe Jarvis, a Fortnite superstar in the gaming world has been banned for cheating.

The 17-year-old professional gamer has landed himself in the centre of huge gaming community controversy after his Fortnite account was banned for life.

His YouTube channel holds 2 million subscribers and his younger brother FaZe Kay also carries a large following as part of the ‘FaZe’ brand that is popular with gamers.

The actual ban was due to the British teenager using “Aimbots” during a stream on his YouTube channel — “Aimbots” is an illegal hack that gives the player an unfair advantage as it auto-focuses a weapon on opponents.


He said, “I’ve been permanently banned from ‘Fortnite’ for life. This was a huge mistake was completely wrong on my end.” — Jarvis believed that due to him using the “Aimbots” in non-competitive gameplay, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

According to supporters and other competitors, the punishment is way too severe and many are asking Epic Games — creators of the hugely popular game — to reconsider their “harsh” punishment.

As one individual pointed out, a duo that was caught cheating earlier this year was handed a 14-day ban and later went on to compete in the $30 million World Cup tourney.

We’re told that Jarvis should be unbanned due to popular demand and the fact he’s dedicated his gaming career to the game for the last two years. One source claims that an announcement should be made this week releasing him of the life-time ban.


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