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Fighters Haven’t Been Paid, Admits Austin McBroom




The YouTube star insists the fighters of the YouTubers vs TikTokers event will be paid before the next event takes place, Austin McBroom tells TMZ.

McBroom said that “everyone thinks that Social Gloves just did everything,” adding that isn’t true.

Austin and his company partnered with Live X Live. 

He says that LXL “collected everybody’s money” and they’re the reason that none of the fighters have been paid as he says that they’ve “been holding on to all the funds.”


However, LXL have filed a lawsuit in L.A. as they say that McBroom refused promote and that the event only managed “136,000 PPV’s” which is less than what was expected.

Along with this the company are also saying that they lost 20% in their stock prince following Austin badmouthing them. They say that this has caused “nearly $100 million in damages.”

McBroom also says that he has filed for a lawsuit against LXL.

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