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FKA Twigs Works On New Street-Style Archive Project




FKA Twigs latest endeavour sees her turn to fashion curating for a new street-style archive project. 

The singer may not have attended the Met Gala but it appears she has been busy working alongside Farfetch for a interesting new venture, The Art of Choice.

Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, has partnered up with editor Antwaun Sargent.

She chose images from an “unparalleled archive”. Vogue reports that the final edit “has been plastered on a guerrilla-style, 24-hour installation in London.”


“I purposely didn’t think too intellectually about my choices and instead opted for images that I either felt personally connected to or [that] evoked an emotion in me,” FKA shares.


“All art is just about feeling something and that’s the most powerful element of these images; it’s like an intense form of people-watching, but we have the clues of what they were actually going through historically.”

On choosing the images, Twigs shares that she “added more images of Black women and the queer community to ensure that the London that raised me was represented in my selection.”

She hopes that Londoners will find the exhibit inspiring.

“I think that in this current cultural and political climate, it offers some hope that those who lived before us managed to make it through and find light in times of uncertainty or darkness.”


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