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Former ‘KISS’ Guitarist, Ace Frehley, Hits Out At Gene Simmons



? Craig

Former guitarist for the legendary rock band KISS, Ace Frehley has a clear message for Gene Simmons… “the gloves are off!”.

Gene spoke about the feud between his former bandmate, Ace, during an interview, claiming Ace’s departure was due to “drugs, alcohol, bad behaviour, being unprofessional,” — simply putting it, Ace is band, from the band.

Ace isn’t having any of it, and has thrown his comments into the mix, saying Gene is “an a****** and a sex addict who’s being sued by multiple women,”. Ace claims his wife was going to sue Gene for alleged groping, but Ace himself talked her out of doing it.

Continuing his Facebook statement, Ace says “THE S*** WILL HIT THE FAN,” if Gene doesn’t provide a heartfelt apology and give Ace the opportunity to rejoin the band. You may be aware, the band are starting their “farewell” tour, and Ace hasn’t been a member of KISS since 2002, but in 2018 he did appear on the KISS Kruise.