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Frankie Muniz Wants A Malcolm In The Middle Reboot



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Frankie Muniz wants a reboot of Malcolm in the Middle to happen — we all do. 

The actor posted on Twitter his frustration of “dumb ass TV shows,” getting reboots, but Fox hasn’t mentioned or even considered the fate of Malcolm in 2019.

He said, “All these reboots of dumb ass TV shows, yet we still have no idea what Malcolm is up to.”

Commenters responded, screaming their support of a continuation of the hit-comedy-show. One social media user said, “OMG. I would love a reboot/all grow up Malcolm In The Middle show.”


Another said, “The only reboot that really matters. this NEEDS to happen. A commenter also said, “Malcolm in the midlife crisis,”

Question is, would other cast members be joining a reboot/continuation? Bryan Cranston has finished with Breaking Bad — at least for TV, with rumours of a film still happening.

Suggestions for a storyline plot have circulated online, with one scriptwriter-enthusiast saying, “I’d love to see one where Malcolm has lost his job or something and has to come back home and Lois and Hal are still at home and Reese still hasn’t gotten a job and the series would excel since I miss Malcolm in the Middle.”

Frankie hasn’t outright said he wants a reboot/continuation, but the implied message is definitely there… or at least provides an element of hope that if a new series was to happen that he would be part of it.


The final season wrapped up in 2006, after running for six years, with repeats still airing on television and streaming services.

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