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Hayden Panettiere’s Friends Fear For Her Safety After She Was Allegedly Assaulted By Her Boyfriend



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Hayden Panettiere’s friends fear for her safety after her boyfriend Brian Hickerson allegedly punched the Heroes actress in the face on valentines day.

Hickerson was arrested for a second time for the assault.

He was also arrested for a felony domestic charge in May 2019 but it was dropped as it was rumoured Panettiere did not participate in the case.

However this time there were allegedly witnesses.



According to documents obtained by TMZ, someone called 911 and claimed there was an intoxicated male locked out of his home as he had punched his girlfriend in the face.

The police noted Hayden’s face was red and swollen; she also had a scrape and swelling on her left hand, which is believed to have come from Brian’s watch during the fight.

Sources close to the couple say Hickerson has contributed towards the actresses drinking problem.

“Hayden is in danger with Brian,” a source told Us Weekly. “Add impairment issues from drinking too much and it will have a tragic outcome if she continues the relationship.”


Panettiere, who shares a daughter with boxer Wladimir Klitschko, has been dating Hickson since August 2018.

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