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Jason Priestley Dragged Into ‘90210’ Reboot Lawsuit



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Jason Priestley has been served with a subpoena in relation to Ian Ziering’s court battle. 

They are both now involved in a lawsuit over money Ian allegedly owes his former talent agency, Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates, Inc.

In the court documents, Jason was brought into the equation in a supposed effort to make him turn over private messages between Ian and Jason.

According to the lawsuit, Ian owes the talent agency a cut of money from his 90210 reboot, but Ian doesn’t even believe this should be in court and has asked the court to put the case on pause, saying it should be heard with the California Labor Commissioner since it’s related to talent agents.


Ian is also saying the talent agency is improperly bringing his co-stars into the battle by subpoenaing them and demanding they provide private messages; it would seem another co-star has been brought into the legal battle, but their identity is unknown at this time.

We’re being told that Ian feels this shouldn’t even be happening whatsoever, in fact, he is saying there has already been a settlement signed with the talent agency — but this is only something reported to us from our sources.

90210 will be returning in August 2019 and the promotional shoots, alongside first table reads, have taken place.