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Jermaine Jackson Accusing His Ex-Wife Of Stealing Thousands In Music Royalties



? Joseph Jackson

Jermaine Jackson has accused his ex-wife, Halima Rashid, of stealing thousands of dollars in royalties made from his music.

New documents have been filed at court that suggests he discovered late 2018 that his royalties were being sent to Halima. He says that in December 2017 to now she has accumulated almost $94,000 (est. £72,887) — and he wants it back.

Jermaine has also accused her of transferring $250,000 from their community assets to another company without his permission, alongside her allegedly selling a number of cars that belong to both of them.

His lawyer says her actions are “criminal” and wants them to work out a resolution. In the documents, it also reveals his monthly income is almost $14,000 (est. £10,851) but expenses reduce that, including an $8,000 (est. £6,201) mortgage, $1,500 (est. £1,162) in child support and $1,000 (est. £775) on clothing per month. On top of that, he claims he is behind in child support to another woman by $29,000 (est. £22,477).


Back in 2015, their relationship spiralled into the spotlight after Jermaine claimed Halima bit his leg — leading to Halima filing for divorce in 2016.

Jermaine is now engaged to 23-year-old Maday Velazquez.