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Logan Paul Addresses “Gay For A Month” Controversy On Impaulsive Podcast



? Luigi Novi

Logan Paul came under fire this month after he announced co-star Mike Majlak and himself would “go gay” for a month.

During an episode titled Brother Nature Reveals How He Speaks To A Animals, Logan said, “we’re going to attempt to go gay for just one month,” but later said on Twitter, “very poor choice of words… my fault. Let’s get together and talk about it on my podcast next week?” — in response to GLAAD’s comment saying, “that’s not how it works, Logan Paul,”.

The comments made during this episode caused a huge backlash on social media, with people saying he will never change and is set-out to cause drama in an effort to stay popular.

Logan has now addressed his comments on his podcast, Impaulsive. He said, “here I am thinking I made an innocuous, harmless comment about sexuality, but the gay community made it very clear that it does not work like that.


So, I have not addressed this, I have been very low on social [media] for two reasons a) I got my tonsils out… this recovery is a motherf*****, this surgery is a b**** and I have not been able to talk, even now, that’s why I am talking rhythmically… b) I also don’t feel like the cookie-cutters-social-media response of uploading an apology video or writing something in my notes and then screenshotting it and then posting it to Twitter was appropriate for this.

This started on Impaulisve and I wanted to flesh it out on Impaulsive, but more importantly, as I try to do with this podcast, use this as an educational opportunity for us and you guys–the audience–to learn about the LGBTQ community.”

Logan continues by saying, “I said something, again, poor choice for words, and by the way, incredibly sorry from the bottom from my heart for any implication that being gay is a choice, I do not believe that…”

You can see the entire episode here: