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Kanye West Demanded An Apology From Drake And It Happened



? David Shankbone

Kanye West tweeted a screenshot of a text message he received from his friend, known as Free — and the contents won’t disappoint you.

Drake asked Kanye if he could have clearance to use a song, but Kanye wanted an apology first. 

In summary, Kanye and Drake both had some beef over the fact Drake believed Kanye gave Pusha T some intelligence about Drake’s son, but Kanye tried clearing that up, very publicly, on Twitter saying, “It’s all love bro… don’t play with me.

You stay too close to be playing all these industry games bro,”.


Basically, Drake accused Kanye of something, and when he realised it wasn’t true, failed to apologise, or at least according to Kanye an apology through other people wasn’t good enough. He also accuses Drake of sneaking diss records on Travis Scott collaborations, alongside texting Kris Jenner to check up on the family… a few lines that Kanye isn’t happy about Drake crossing.

The text message received by Kanye said, “Drake sent in a clearance request for “Say What’s Real”. Do you wanna clear?”.

That set Kanye off — he began filling his Twitter feed with messages directed to Drake. An hour later, he said, “Drake finally called… Mission accomplished,” — then he went for the Mortal Kombat ‘finish him’ approach… “By the way… not cleared ?”.



Drake followed up by putting several laughing emojis on his Instagram Stories. 

Social media combat happens between even the biggest of rappers.