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Kanye West Admits To Holding Up ‘Yandhi’ Album In An Effort To Flee Bonds Of Contracts



Kanye West has admitted that he’s held off the highly anticipated Yandhi album due to his efforts to be “set free” from bonds of contracts.

His legal team are firing off lawsuits with a third now landing in the courts — including Roc-A-Fella records, EMI and now Island Def Jam.

In the documents, it claims the Island Def Jam and Bravado (merchandising company) have been exploiting “one of the world’s most iconic, multi-faceted, and productive talents,”. Island Def Jam and Kanye have been under contract for 17 years, but now he’s asking the judge to make him “free and clear of obligations” — the documents also state the contracts are unfair and that Kanye is refusing to distribute his 9th studio album.

Kanye’s legal team even claim that during the contracts, there hasn’t been any “moment of freedom” including being unable “to offer his services to anyone else, take a break from his recording career, or even retire from it altogether” — and according to the documents, Kanye is owed a “substantial amount” of money, claiming Island Def Jam “has unjustly earned millions of dollars by binding Mr. West’s recording talents to [Island Def Jam] for an unlawful term,”.


In a nutshell, Kanye is seeking complete and utter “freedom” from every contract he remains under… ever.