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Steve Perry Accused Of Preventing Musician From Releasing-Unreleased Tracks




Former Journey lead singer, Steve Perry, is accused of using his own money in an attempt to stop a musician from releasing-unreleased tracks. 

Phil Brown, the musician accusing Steve, wants a current lawsuit thrown out of the court — saying that Steve can’t stop him from releasing soundtracks that haven’t been released yet. This forms as part of an ongoing legal battle over unreleased music and Phil is saying Steve is using his resources to bully him.

In documents, witnessed by unCrazed, it states Phil believes Steve is using a bunch of expensive attorneys to launch a “blitzkrieg against Brown into submission, and sought ex parte, without notice, a Temporary Restraining Order against Brown preventing him from doing what he had an absolute right to do – commercialise the Brown/Perry songs,”.

Phil’s claim continues, saying he “has at all times maintained both creative and physical control over the Brown/Perry songs. As such, under long-standing controlling authority, Brown had, and continues to have, the right to independently license, sell, perform, or otherwise monetise the four Brown/Perry songs without the consent of his co-author, Perry, so long as Brown later accounts to Perry for Perry’s portion of any resultant proceeds.” — back in November 2018, Steve sued f0r an injunction and was granted a temporary restraining order.


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