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‘Karate Kid’ Actor Robert Garrison Dead At 59



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Robert Garrison, best known for playing Tommy in Columbia PicturesKarate Kid has died at 59.

The actor died on Friday morning at a hospital in West Virginia, with his sister-in-law saying his passing wasn’t sudden.

According to his family, he had been in the hospital for around a month suffering from kidney and liver issues, shortly followed by his organs shutting down.

Robert was a child actor playing small roles in the late 1970s; landing his role as Tommy in Karate Kid in 1984 and The Karate Kid Part II. In Karate Kid, he is the Cobra Kai member who yelled, “Get him a body bag!”


His family are now arranging Robert’s funeral. He is survived by his brother, Patrick, and brother’s wife, Linda.

Rest in Peace.

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