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Katie Holmes Dating Justin Theroux?



? Chad J. McNeeley/unCrazed Composite

Katie Holmes is “secretly dating” Justin Theroux and recently had a “top-secret meetup” according to a false news report.

In a recent tabloid issue of Star, the outlet has claimed that Katie had a “top-secret meetup” at a restaurant with Justin in New York City.

The alleged insider says “it was very romantic” and that “Justin and Katie hit it off immediately. It was pretty much the ultimate first date.” with the magazine furthering that a new relationship between the pair is part of a “revenge romance” towards Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx.

According to Star, Jennifer allegedly called “Katie a has-been.” and made it clear that she “isn’t happy” about the new relationship — but friends of Justin allegedly say they “make the perfect match,” — with the supposed source saying, “She needed to find a middle ground – someone between Tom [Cruise] and Jamie. Justin isn’t controlling like Tom and he’s not a player like Jamie. He fits the bill.”


Quotes galore from this story, but unCrazed want to make it clear that any truth in this content is completely dismissable with an accurate source telling us that Katie isn’t dating anyone and Justin has kept a low profile, going as far to say that he doesn’t live near the actress.

We’re confident that Justin and Katie don’t even know each other personally, nor do they have any intention to connect anytime soon.

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