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Will Katy Perry, Luke Bryan & Lionel Richie Return To American Idol?



American Idol
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Season 2 of ABC’s American Idol recently wrapped up with Southern heartthrob Laine Hardy taking the win. 

Speculation as to whether Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will return for another season instantly started once the credits rolled on March 3, 2019.

Speaking with reporters, Lionel expressed his desire to return, but on one condition, “What would it take [to return]? The thing we did this year … We got the three greatest personalities ever on this show. When I started with this group I was a bit worried. I kept telling America to pray for me, but now that I know everybody and their characters, I would not do another show without them.”

Luke pondered the same thought of returning but agreed with Lionel, “You know, we’ve had an amazing two years. It feels like this year we came in and had a clearer vision and developed our identity and our role … We want to keep that going. We’re proud of what people at home are watching. I mean, I know Lionel and Katy are getting it when we walk down the street when somebody comes up and says, ‘We love the way you’re treating these kids on American Idol.’ It truly feels really great.”


Katy said, “It feels good that we’re really getting to know each other,”

With ABC renewing the reality singing competition for a third season, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the certainty of the trio returning is unclear, but our source claim that at least two are ready to come back.

Our source tells us, “ABC doesn’t want the audience to become complacent and bored of the same people, but Bryan and Richie are keen to come back. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on whether Katy is returning.”

Fun fact: since the show has been revived by ABC after FOX made the decision to end it, this year’s viewership has been at the lowest of all time, having an average of 9.51 million viewers per episode.