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Game Of Thrones Finale Mistake Upsets Fans



? Gage Skidmore/unCrazed Composite

HBO‘s Game of Thrones ended last night with fans upset with the finale which answers a majority of questions and wraps up the story. 

We aren’t going to spoil the plot, but fans are, understandably, upset the show has finished — but others are upset for two more reasons.

Recently, there was the coffee cup blip that sent viewers into a frenzy, posting and editing different items into the scene where Daenerys Targaryen sat with a coffee cup in front of her.

Daenerys Targaryen


There has been the promotional trailer blip that again, sent viewers into a frenzy and finding it hilarious that Jaime Lannister gained his right hand again, despite getting it chopped off in season 3.

Jaime Lannister


With the finale being one of the most anticipated episodes to ever hit modern television since Breaking Bad, it would seem the cast needed to drink plenty of water after finding out two blunders were going to be had in season 8 because now there are three blunders.

Samwell Tarly


A plastic water bottle was spotted in Westeros, right next to Samwell Tarly’s foot… in fact, a second water bottle was next to Ser Davos’ foot.

Probably a good job the show has ended, who knows what could have appeared in season 9.