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Kendall Jenner Paying $90,000 Settlement In ‘Fyre Festival’ Lawsuit




Kendall Jenner is taking a hit on her bank account with a settlement fee pending to Gregory Messer.

The 23-year-old fashion model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was sued, alongside Emily Ratajkowski and Migos over their involvement with the infamous Fyre Festival.

In 2017, Billy McFarland founded a supposed media company that was to host the worlds biggest influencer-based music festival, with some of the recognisable names in the entertainment industry. Instead, McFarland wound up pleading guilty to wire fraud charges after raising over $26 million from creditors that invested in a now fraudulent festival.

Messer is recovering the money that was invested in the festival by suing those involved with promotional material, with Jenner posting the failed-venue on her Instagram in 2017, earning her a hefty sum of $275,000 for one post.


During his time in prison, McFarland has set up a project called Project-315 with an overall goal of raising funds to ensure those incarcerated across the United States can phone their loved ones, and since the launch of the project, after donations were made by hundreds of people, the Bureau of Prisons agreed to make phone calls free for all during COVID-19.

Billy made it clear with the launch of his latest project whilst serving his six-year prison sentence for the Fyre Festival scandal, “I see the important things in life… way more, I got lost during Fyre — thinking that I had to make it work at all costs. I realise how immature and wrong that thought process was. I’ve grown up in jail. There’s no question I totally messed up. It really makes me sick.”

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